Materials Ecology and Product testing


Our efforts towards containing the large number of labels and establishing an international test mark resulted in natureplus. natureplus is the international quality seal for building and residential products that provides guidance regarding sustainability for all people involved in building projects. Products with this label are characterised by a particularly good quality with regard to health, environment and function. natureplus does its utmost on all levels in order to ensure that these products are increasingly used in the future.
The IBO is the natureplus test institute and the natureplus contact address in Austria. The IBO test mark is only awarded for products for which there are no natureplus award directives yet.
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IBO test mark

On the basis of comprehensive criteria that consider the entire life cycle of a product, building materials and interior furnishings are analysed from a holistic point of view. When a product fulfils the exacting requirements regarding building biology and building ecology, it is awarded the IBO test mark.

The IBO test mark, a recognised and independent quality seal, guarantees consumers that they buy products that are recommendable from the point of view of building biology and building ecology. We prepare a comprehensive test report for every product that has been tested.

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Products with the IBO test mark

The following products were subjected to a holistic building biology and building ecology test and passed it successfully. After careful consideration of all available pieces of information, they were awarded the test mark of the Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Building Ecology. The IBO test mark is valid for a period of two years in each case.


Identification of the material and energy flows of building products, systems or processes, and depending on the question that is relevant for the respective factory, for individual periods of the life cycle or over the entire life cycle. Manufacturers can use eco-balances to optimise their production processes or have their products listed in the IBO building materials table.

IBO reference values (German)


EPD Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declarations, also known as EPD, prove that the product in question complies with the essential requirements of the European Construction Products Regulation. Basically, the process for creating an EPD or the contents of an EPD are regulated in ISO 14025 "Environmental labels and declarations - Type III environmental declarations - Principles and procedures" as well as in EN 15804 "Sustainability of construction works - Environmental product declarations - Core rules for the product category of construction works". The IBO models the ecological balance, interprets and describes the underlying data and writes the background report for the EPD. The EPD texts are drawn up and subsequently filed with Bau EPD GmbH for review. We also offer advice and support in all matters relating to the creation of an EPD.  

Austrian EPD platform for building products

Environmental declarations for building products (Environmental Product Declarations, EPD) provide environment-related data. As the applicable standards for creating EPDs leave a lot of room for manoeuvre, an Austrian EPD platform for building products has been launched. The Austrian EPD platform for building products aims to create a uniform basis for the establishment of ecological balances in the building sector. These efforts should lead to consistent and therefore comparable building material data, which could also be incorporated into building evaluation systems.


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Selection of building products

Careful selection of health-compatible and environmentally compatible building products: Ecological criteria are laid down in invitations to tender and the contract award procedure. All building products have to be released before they are used on a construction site. Implementation is controlled on the construction site, checked by means of a final indoor air test, and the result is documented in writing.