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29. Oktober 2020, 17 Uhr

Healthy Buildings: Contaminants and pollutants in the Circular Economy

IBO Werkstattgespräch im Rahmen der Online event series "natureplus Europe – Healthy Buildings 2020" from 19th to 29th of October


The fact that the unimaginably large quantities of building materials are to be reused and recycled is now not only anchored in the EU's Circular Economy Action Plan, but is also a central component of sustainable building. In practice, the key lies in the collection of materials by type, in determining whether they contain harmful or unwanted substances and how they can be rendered harmless. In this way, the strict natureplus criteria could also be met with recycled materials.

Hildegund Figl, who has been involved with dismantling and recycling in the building industry for decades, reports on new approaches and possible measures in Austria and Europe. Chaired by Barbara Bauer, board member of natureplus.