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30. März 2023, TU Wien

Network-Inspire-Innovative - WORKSHOP at BauZ! 2023
The new METABUILDING Platform

Cross-sector innovations in the construction industry with the new metabuilding Platform


In line with the congress for sustainable building BauZ! 2023 this workshop is dedicated to the presentation of a new international digital open innovation platform: the European innovation platform METABUILDING. Furthermore, you will learn about new opportunities, innovation possibilities, finding partners and get to know funding opportunities and networks.
The Metabuilding Platform addresses stakeholders of the extended construction sector and supports in finding available funding for SME innovations, innovative technologies and presents products/services of SMEs virtually, brings together partners for collaborative projects and offers to reach new markets.

What makes it special is that it specifically connects innovator:s in construction and the 4 emerging industry sectors:

- Recycling and circular economy,
- additive manufacturing and 3D printing,

- nature-based solutions
- and digital industry.

At the workshop you can show your competences, get to know innovations, learn about funding and new opportunities for their future developments.

International guests will be able to participate online.

Thursday, March 30, 2023, | 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (following the RENOWAVE.AT workshop) at BAUZ! Congress.
Vienna University of Technology, Campus Getreidemarkt, Building BA, (Plus-Energy Office Tower), Seminar Room BA 10A and ONLINE.


We are looking forward to your participation and ask for registration by March 25, 2023!
Please register under this link.