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22. November 2023, Wien

Open Heritage: Community-Driven Adaptive Reuse in Europe. Best Practice
Buchpräsentation und Diskussion

In cooperation with Denkmalpflege & Bauen im Bestand, TU Wien, Professor Heike Oevermann with the editors, authors and guests.


What measures could be taken to revitalize the maintenance and conservation of our built environment? A group of researchers from several European countries proposes expanding the definition of cultural heritage, restructuring planning processes, and rethinking who will be involved in this care.

We’re presenting a compendium documenting the findings of an EU-funded project which was carried out in six different countries. Open Heritage’s ambition is to organize, promote, and enable continued community-driven use of buildings. To this end the protagonists developed a kit of tools and tested them at six sites, each with distinct characteristics. The report – which delineates a path toward the renewal of the ways and means employed to sustain our built environment – is addressed to local stakeholders, design professionals, researchers, and policy-makers.

Mi, 22.11.2023, 19:00 Uhr
Depot, Breite Gasse 3, 1070 Wien

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