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BauZ! Congress 2022

BauZ! 2022 – Refurbished Buildings in Good Company

BauZ! 2022, the 19th Vienna Congress for Sustainable Building, is accompanying the industry’s path through the upheavals of 2022. Subsequent to the Advantage Austria B2B Matchmaking Event "GreenTech" on two days, forward-looking solutions and concepts will be presented and discussions with a domestic and international audience will be held.

The BauZ! Congress is a cooperation by the IBO with universities (Vienna Technical University, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Danube University Krems), UAS (Technikum UAS), non-university research establishments (ACR, Austrian Cooperative Research), the Foreign Trade Office of the Federal Economic Chamber (Future of Building), economic agencies of the Federal provinces (ecoplus Lower Austria, Vienna Business Agency) as well as Business Finland.

Congress languages: German and English (simultaneous interpretation provided).

Programme and registration, early booking price untill 8 april 2022!


Call for Papers – BauZ! 2024
Switch-over completed! Components, building structures, neigborhoods.

International Congress, 15 and 16 April 2024

The first people who will live to see the end of the century have already been born: our children and grandchildren. The buildings we are considering constructing or refurbishing will remain standing many times over. What kind of future, with what kind of global warming by the end of the century, are we planning for?

So we are changing energy sources: fossil sources of energy are being swapped for renewables. The sooner we cite examples of successful conversion, the sooner others can take them up and modify them for themselves. And vice versa: the sooner we find examples worth emulating elsewhere, the more smoothly we can decarbonize our way of life (construction, building operation, mobility).

This congress is about encouraging examples. We are looking for the exclusively new & disruptive: products, processes, projects, tools.

We are calling for contributions: your contribution can either be the presentation of a construction project or a (completed) piece of research.

The call is open until 30 November 2023:  www.bauz.at/en/proposal-of-a-paper/

For more information please visitwww.bauz.at