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Bürosanierung, Stubenbastei
Bürogebäude Sanierung

EU GreenBuilding Partner: Hans Christoph List

EU GreenBuilding

The office rent building was erected in 1978 and is since 1995 hosting a department of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. Due to the marble façade of the building (located in the center of the city of Vienna which is UNESCO World Heritage Site) the thermal refurbishment was mostly limited to a changing of windows (Uw=0,97 W/m²K). Additionally, the cooling system was replaced by highly energy-efficient Turbocor chillers, the existing air handling units equipped with heat recovery systems (office zone), lighting changed to LED (incl. daylight control), digital control modernized and a photovoltaic plant (20 kWp) installed on roof top.

Planung: Bauphysik – DI Dr. Gernot Scherpke

Kontakt: Hans Christoph List office@list.co.at


März 2014

Bürogebäude Sanierung, Stubenbastei
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