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BauZ! Congress 2022 – Call for Papers

BauZ! 2022 Refurbished Buildings in Good Company

International Congress, 11 and 12 May 2022, subsequent to the Advantage Austria B2B Matchmaking Event "GreenTech"

BauZ! 2022 will be held later than customary, i.e. in May, and will take place in cooperation with and temporal connection to the “GreenTech” B2B event organized by the Foreign Trade Office of the Austrian Economic Chamber.

So, see you in Vienna! But there will also be options to take part online.

The theme of the congress will be the refurbished building as part of its also refurbished environment.

We are calling for contributions: your contribution can either be the presentation of a construction project or a (completed) piece of research.


BauZ! 2023 - Less. But let’s make more out of it!

New Dates:  29 and 30 March 2023
New Venue: TU Wien, Campus Getreidemarkt, Building BA, Plus-Energie Bürohochhaus (Plus-Energy Office High-Rise Building)

The strong growth in demand after the Corona crisis led to a shortage of supply, which has been exacerbated by the immediately ensuing Ukraine crisis. Now, for the time being, everything is in short supply: skilled labor, energy, building materials and components, and – because of inflation and interest rate hikes – also money. The next BauZ! Congress will therefore focus on the theme of new orientation, which is viewed as challenge for research and building design along all the stages of lifecycle of buildings.

The program was created on the following topics:

  1. The produced building – data, planning, organization
  2. Material, respect, cycle
  3. Jointly autonomous in the neighborhood – Technical infrastructure
  4. Temperature-controlled, illuminated, ventilated, greened – step inside!

For more information and the congress program, please visit www.bauz.at