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Reminder Call for Papers – BauZ! Congress 2022

We are calling for contributions until 7 January 2022: your contribution can either be the presentation of a construction project or a (completed) piece of research. Please submit your proposal using this form.

BauZ! 2022 will be held on 11 and 12 May, and will take place in cooperation with and temporal connection to the “GreenTech” B2B event organized by the Foreign Trade Office of the Austrian Economic Chamber, which is scheduled for 9 and 10 May. Catch two events within 4 days in Vienna!.

So, see you in Vienna! But there will also be options to take part online.

The theme of the congress will be the refurbished building as part of its also refurbished environment.



Call for Papers - BauZ! 2022 - Refurbished buildings in good company

Buildings are being refurbished when their attractiveness or utility is to be enhanced or when a property’s economic efficiency or commercial value can be improved. At BauZ! 2022, we want to deal with the refurbishment of buildings, the more so as boundary conditions are favorable:

A guideline also highlighting the societal and global ecological importance of the refurbishment of buildings is constituted by the European Green Deal and the attendant regulations contained in the “FIT for 55” legislative package. With this guideline, the decarbonization of the construction sector and of building operation will proceed. In this context, the refurbishment of existing building stock takes center stage.

We are calling for contributions: your contribution can either be the presentation of a construction project or a (completed) piece of research. Digitization, BIM, and prefabrication may play a role in the contribution, yet the main focus should be on one of the following topics:

  1. Materials, constructions, architecture
  2. Building envelope, energy efficiency and comfort
  3. Shared facilities: technical infrastructure
  4. Shared facilities: social and ecological infrastructure
  5. Strategies for minimizing land use

Details: www.bauz.at

The call is open until 6th February 2022:  www.bauz.at/en/proposal-of-a-paper/