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IBO Association


The IBO (Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Ecology) is an independent, non-profit, scientific association that investigates the interactions between people, buildings and the environment. Private individuals, experts and companies who are interested in ecological construction and healthy living can support the IBO with their membership.

Company membership

As an IBO company member you benefit from direct access to current information and enjoy advantages and discounts.

Company membership registration, rules and regulations

Private membership

The extraordinary IBO membership for 1 year costs 65 Euro. In return you will benefit from:

  • free telephone consultation, (floors, furniture, wood protection, paints and lacquers etc.)
  • Discount on building consultation according to building biology and ecological criteria
  • Discount on our indoor measurement and consulting services
  • Use of the IBO specialist library with approx. 3000 specialist books and a 10% discount at the IBO mail-order bookshop

Private membership registration, rules

Long version of the rules and regulations

Cooperation partners