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The IBO's research is primarily oriented towards results and implementation: IBO research should encourage the dissemination of independent information, substantiated comparisons, decision-making aids as well as make tools available. Research activities cover all areas of sustainable construction. The scientific approach makes it easier to identify which measures improve construction. Research at the IBO focuses on quantitative and qualitative assessment that can be applied in practice.

Research projects

ResearchMoisture and mould damage
Indoor air qualityMeasurements & MonitoringInterior

Next Generation Sequencing

Das Projekt NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) beschäftigt sich mit der Entwicklung von neuartigen Methoden der DNA (Nukleinsäure) Analytik.…

ResearchDismantling & Recycling

Sustainable building material cycles by means of material analysis and pollutant separation

“Bau-Cycle – Sustainable building material cycles by means of material analysis and pollutant separation” aims to close essential gaps in the…

Color & LightingResearch
Measurements & MonitoringInterior

Dust analyses of indoor air

While much attention has been paid to outdoor dust pollution in recent years, it is not on the list of factors influencing health indoors. Depending…

ResearchLifecycle assessments and lifecycle costs

6D BIM Terminal
Missing link in planning carbon-dioxide-neutral buildings

The project aims to close the gap between specialist consultants and BIM applications. For that, relevant data for cost estimation, scheduling…


THEBAVOL - Applications and limits of thermal component activation in large-volume multi-storey construction

Thermal component activation (TCA), a technique in which reinforced concrete components can be used both for heating and cooling buildings by…

Color & LightingResearch
Indoor air qualityComfortMeasurements & MonitoringInterior

IASca – Indoor Air Scavenger

The main aim of this project is to improve indoor air quality with the means of scavenger-materials that are able to absorb and bind various…

Enhancement of competence for companies in the development and implementation of innovative, sustainable building concepts

Scientific partners and companies are developing a future-oriented and tailor-made qualification instruments in the field of innovative, holistic…


Harmonisation of the EcoBuildingCriteria - "List of criteria 2020"

The EcoBuildingCriteria as a harmonisation between ÖkoKauf Wien and the Umweltverband Vorarlberg have been revised on the basis of new findings,…

ResearchSmart City

Planning and modernisation of smart city quarters with a view to energy optimisation and a high quality of life

The SC_micro-quarters project demonstrates possibilities for urban planning and urban quarter development with a view to creating a path to a low…

ResearchSmart City

Benchmarks and target values for the evaluation of the climate compatibility of new settlements

In Switzerland a system for the integral planning, evaluation and quality check of new settlement projects is in usage since many years (2000-Watt…

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Lifecycle assessments and lifecycle costsBuilding physics
Smart CityRenovation

Way2Smart Korneuburg
Start-Up towards a socially compatible, energy-self-sufficient Smart City

Korneuburg has set itself an ambitious deadline: By 2036, the city wants to be energy-autonomous and also CO2-neutral. For the project Way2Smart…

ResearchBuilding physics
Internal insulationRenovation

Solutions for the refurbishment within existing building stock with interior insulation

The development of exemplary refurbishment solutions on the level of single flats was the aim of the project.

ResearchLifecycle assessments and lifecycle costs

Houses for Energy- and ResOurce Efficient Settlements

In energy-efficient, new buildings and renovations, the gray energy of building material used for construction and maintenance is as important as the…

Smart Tower Enhancement Leoben Austria (STELA)

STELA Project: Smart Tower Enhancement Leoben Austria is concerned with the comprehensive thermal and technical redevelopment and simultaneous basic…

ResearchLifecycle assessments and lifecycle costs

baubook Amortization and Cost Calculator for components

This online tool gives short and concise information about the cost effectiveness and environmental impact of thermal insulation.

ResearchLifecycle assessments and lifecycle costs


The ÖKOBAUDAT platform is provided as an online database with life cycle assessment datasets by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building…

ResearchMaterial ecology

Basic Knowledge on Environmental and Health Aspects for the Selection of Construction Material

The building materials information system WECOBIS was developed in the framework of the innovation programme Zukunft Bau as a practical aid, which…

Building assessmentBuilding physics

PECK – Plus Energy Check
Plus Energy Check for new and existing buildings

PECK, the Plus Energy Check for new and existing buildings, is a service that provides a client with the necessary information in a short time at low…

ResearchLifecycle assessments and lifecycle costs

LEKOECOS – combined economic-ecological life cycle assessment model

The consumption of ecological and economic resources over the whole life cycle is supposed to be anticipated and optimised in the design process of…

Building physics

gugler! build & print triple zero
Beacon of innovation gugler cross media, ecoeffective zero energy cross media enterprise featuring zero-emission, zero energy, zero waste

The aim of the flagship project is a new dimension of sustainability: Zero energy standard for the building and cradle to cradle for operational…

ResearchLifecycle assessments and lifecycle costs

Formation of an Austrian EPD-Platform for building products

The objective of the project at hand was to create the general program guidelines for the "Austrian EPD-platform for building products": basic…

ResearchBuilding assessment

TQB – Quality monitoring, aspern Vienna´s Urban Lakeside - subproject 5

Goal of the project is to develop a monitoring tool that allows to predict the expectable (final) quality of the residential buildings based on…

Color & LightingResearch
Indoor air qualityMaterial ecologyInterior

Network material ecology for hospitals

The use of sustainable building materials is a key issue for sustainable development of the building sector. Emission free indoor air, minimized…

Measurements & MonitoringBuilding assessment

Environmental and Health-Related Criteria for Buildings

Scope and Objective

The objective of the study is to provide ANEC with a background paper on environmental and health-related criteria for buildings.…

Scientific Publications

H. Figl, C. Thurner, F. Dolezal, P. Schneider-Marin, I. Nemeth: A new Evaluation Method for the End-of-life Phase of Buildings. SBE19 Brussels BAMB-CIRCPATH, Earth and Environmental Science 225 (2019) 012024, doi:10.1088/1755-1315/225/1/012024

Dolezal Franz, Niko Kumer: Semiempirical model for prediction of weighted sound reduction index of cross laminated timber walls with external thermal insulation composite systems. Proceedings of the 8th Congress of the Alps Adria Acoustics Association. Zagreb 2018

Proceedings in COST FP1407:

Dolezal Franz, Boogman Philipp: Comparative assessment of carbon uptake and release of wooden and concrete building materials. Proceedings of the 3rd COST Action FP1407 International Conference - Wood modification research and applications, Kuchl 2017. 

Tellnes, Lars G. F., Ganne-Chedeville, Christelle, Dias, Ana, Dolezal, Franz, Hill, Callum, Zea Escamilla, Edwin: Review of biogenic carbon in carbon footprint of modified wood. Proceedings of the 3rd COST Action FP1407 International Conference - Wood modification research and applications, Kuchl 2017.

Journal iForest:

Tellnes, Lars G. F., Ganne-Chedeville, Christelle, Dias, Ana, Dolezal, Franz, Hill, Callum, Zea Escamilla, Edwin: Comparative assessment for biogenic carbon accounting methods in carbon footprint of products. A review study for construction materials based on forest products. iForest, Italian Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology, 2016. accepted.

European Acoustics Association:

Dolezal Franz, Spitzbart Christina: Relevance of Acoustic Performance in Green Building Labels and Social Sustainability Ratings. Acoustics in Practice. European journal of current topics in applied acoustics. Issue 6, p. 25-32. European Acoustics Association (EAA) 2017.