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Building assessment


Comprehensive building and housing estate assessments document criteria such as energy consumption, comfort and quality of life and also take into account the efficiency of lifecycle related resources and costs. Certifications provide builders and communities with a tool which can be used for both quality assurance and marketing. They also offer customers and investors a quick, objective rating of the quality of the home or building.

With these systems established on the market, all building types can be assessed – from renovations, new constructions and shell constructions to existing buildings and specific facilities. Either the choice of assessment system or the criteria for inspection depends heavily on the nature of the project. We can offer you support in such matters with our extensive expertise:

Consulting services:

  • Audit support for national and international building assessments
  • Carrying out pilot certifications
  • Complete energy strategy for buildings and housing estates (energy-plus, energy self-sufficiency)
  • Building product management and ecological tender optimisation
  • Development of specifications for general planner, general contractor or total contractor tenders
  • Dismantling and recycling suitability of buildings
  • BIM (simulation, monitoring, sustainability)


  • Lifecycle costs (LCC)
  • Building lifecycle assessments (LCA)
  • Disposal indicator EI/EI10
  • Building physics calculations
  • Thermal building simulation


  • Measurement of indoor air quality/comfort
  • Harmful substance inspections in existing buildings
  • Mould measurements and moisture simulation
  • Energy monitoring
  • Optimisation, simulation and measurement of daylight
  • Soundproofing and room acoustics
  • Airtightness

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