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Sound insulation & acoustics

We can't close our ears. Sound and acoustics often have a greater influence on our well-being than we are aware of. Austrian standards prescribe relatively strict values; their compliance can be proven with measurements.


Sound is made up of mechanical vibrations of elastic media and is a collective term used to refer to mechanical vibrations with frequencies in the auditory range of the human ear (about 16 Hz to 20,000 Hz).

Sound can be divided into two broad categories:

Sound that serves for communication or well-being, for instance conversations or active music making and listening. If, on the other hand, a sound source produces undesirable sound levels, we refer to it as noise. This might be traffic or aircraft noise entering the home or noise from the flat next door. Noise pollution is one of the most unpleasant environmental influences, it is a major cause of stress and can even be a hazard to health. Efficient noise protection is one of the most important prerequisites for ensuring people's well-being and health.


The word "acoustics" comes from Greek and refers to the study of mechanical vibrations in solid, liquid and gaseous media. In a broader sense it deals with the generation, transmission, analysis and perception of sound.

In construction, a distinction is made between room acoustics and building acoustics.

Room acoustics deals with sound in the room, i.e. how the shape, size and surface materials of the room physically influence sound transmission and propagation and how this can affect auditory sensory perception. Audibility and noise reduction within a room are paramount.

In building acoustics, the main focus is on preventing the transmission of disruptive sound within a building, as well as between the outside world and the building interior. Building acoustics includes airborne and footfall noise, noise immissions from sound sources in the vicinity as well as sound pressure levels of building service systems in buildings.

What we offer

  • We provide advice and support for sound insulation and room acoustics projects
  • We also carry out sound measurements for room and building acoustics. Here is a list of our services