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Certification programmes for building products

Environmental and quality marks for construction and residential products provide orientation to all parties involved in construction on matters of health, environmental compatibility and technical reliability. Certified products are characterised by particularly high quality in terms of sustainability. The IBO tests and evaluates building products and is committed at all levels to increasing demand for these products.

The IBO awards the IBO test mark and carries out tests for natureplus and the Austrian Ecolabel. Building products, building services and interior equipment are examined and evaluated holistically according to extensive criteria that take into account a product's entire lifecycle.

Environmental product declarations (EPD), Type III environmental declarations according to ISO 14025 record and document the environmental properties of a product. Its central component is the lifecycle assessment. In addition, there are further unevaluated statements (in contrast to ecolabels) about the environmental and health-relevant product properties such as usage behaviour, recycling potential and disposal properties.