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IBO mark of conformity

Since the 1980s, the IBO mark of conformity has been an orientation aid in the building product market.

Building materials and interior equipment are examined holistically according to extensive criteria that take into account a product's entire lifecycle. If a product meets the strict building biology and construction ecology requirements, it is awarded the IBO mark of conformity. Since the IBO mark of conformity is a recognised and independent seal, consumers can be sure that they are buying products that are recommended in terms of building biology and construction ecology. We write up a comprehensive test report for each tested product.

More information on the IBO mark of conformity

Companies that can advertise with the IBO mark of conformity have a decisive competitive advantage as they are more trustworthy. The IBO mark of conformity

  • is a transparent confirmation of health and ecological product properties by independent third parties
  • supplements existing in-house quality assurance measures with health and construction ecology aspects
  • reveals the ecological optimisation potential of the production process
  • supports the establishment of niche products on the market
  • offers better consideration in building assessment systems such as TQB or klimaaktiv
  • brings advantages in individual Austrian housing subsidies (depending on product group)

Products with the IBO mark of conformity are favourably recommended in IBO training and consulting sessions as well as being recommend on the internet to players in the construction industry. In addition, informative summaries are published in customer-friendly brochures, in trade journals and on the internet. The accompanying consultation services provided by our internationally active institute during the IBO product testing ensures that you will always be informed about potential ways to improve your product.

Preliminary testing

You submit the products intended for IBO product testing with the registration form for preliminary testing. At the same time you also send us

  • the safety data sheets for the materials used
  • the technical product sheet
  • the technical approval or the product's declaration of performance.

Based on this we carry out a preliminary test which looks at critical materials and the conformity of the technical product data with the applicable range of criteria.

If the result is positive, the IBO prepares a cost estimate for a comprehensive IBO product test. If the IBO product test is unlikely to be successful, you will be informed immediately and given a reason. This approach minimises your financial risk. You then decide whether IBO product testing should be carried out.

Order for IBO product testing

After commissioning the IBO product testing, you submit the product declaration survey form together with the necessary proof of compliance with the test criteria. We use these documents to check the materials and calculate the ecological product characteristics. During the inspection of the manufacturer's plant, we check the data of the production process and take samples for material analyses. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any questions that came up in a personal meeting at this time.

Report creation and awarding of mark of conformity

In a final report we evaluate the product composition, the ecological product characteristics, the manufacturing plant and the analysis results. If the test result is positive, the product is awarded the IBO test mark of conformity for two years. If, however, the decision is negative, the client receives a report and an explanation as to why the product did not pass the test. They are also offered suggestions on how to improve the product by enhancing its environmental compatibility and building biology qualities.

The IBO product testing process takes 3-6 months from when the order is placed. The testing and licence fees can be found in the schedule of fees.

IBO product testing is primarily aimed at products used in the construction sector that are produced in Austria and/or are available on the Austrian market. These include building materials, interior equipment materials and components, building services components and sanitary facilities. Currently, the following product groups can be evaluated

  • Pre-cast concrete parts (criteria catalogue under revision)
  • Screeds (criteria catalogue under revision)
  • Gypsum plasters and fillers (criteria catalogue under revision)
  • Plasterboard (criteria catalogue under revision)
  • Mineral fills made of expanded glass (criteria catalogue under revision)
  • Mineral fills made of expanded clay (criteria catalogue under revision)
  • Cement-bonded, fibre-reinforced construction panels (criteria catalogue under revision)
  • Ready-mixed concrete

Other criteria catalogues are planned, these include

  • Elastic floor coverings
  • Building materials for outdoor use
  • Straw bales
  • Building service systems (wall heating and ventilation systems)

For a more holistic approach, system add-on products and construction services are also included.

Would you like to have your product tested according to IBO testing criteria and be able to display a mark of conformity? Fill out the application form for preliminary testing and submit it to the IBO. Please also look through our general terms and conditions for IBO product testing.

Products that have been awarded the IBO mark of conformity fulfil the IBO test criteria of the corresponding product category and are particularly suitable for use in construction projects with strict ecological standards.

Here is an overview which is updated on a monthly basis of all awarded products, the corresponding certificates as well as the underlying test criteria.