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Building physics


Independent consulting for ecologically and physically innovative building projects

As a technical office for technical physics, we prepare all necessary building physics certificates and calculations for submission of building applications according to legal regulations and standards in Austria. From the competition to the planning and execution phase up to the adjustment of the building services we advise you for passive houses and plus energy houses.

For multi-storey residential buildings and public buildings, for schools and hospitals, we offer support for healthy and ecological building and living. Holistic analysis and overall concepts for small and large construction projects include thermal building simulations in order to realise technologically and ecologically innovative projects.

  • Calculate thermal insulation in summer and winter
  • Calculate sound insulation Calculate and measure Energy certificate
  • Calculate, optimise, test in operation.

Consulting for ecologically and building physically innovative projects

Consulting and optimisation of your building project with regard to heat and sound insulation, avoidance of summer overheating, water vapour diffusion behaviour and room acoustics. Our motto: Everything the building can do, the technology doesn't have to do.

Quality assurance for building projects

We offer tender criteria and review the construction work to ensure that your building project goes to plan.  Blower door test to guarantee airtightness, a harmful substance measuring package, sound measurements, etc...

Optimisation of building materials and constructions

Through the production of building materials, transport, waste etc. the construction trade accounts for 40 % of all material flow. The ecological construction of buildings, environmentally friendly materials and carefully planned site logistics can greatly reduce the impact on people and the environment. Planning advice and key figure calculations of environmental categories generated from our extensive database help to produce an assessment.

Building product selection

Careful selection of healthy and environmentally friendly building products: ecological criteria are anchored in the invitations to tender and the award of contracts. All building products must be approved before use on site. Their use is checked on the construction site; verified with a final indoor air investigation and the result is documented in writing.

Sound measurements

Homes should offer tranquillity. We measure the impact and airborne noise of partition components as well as noise exposure created by building service systems. In addition, we also carry out noise immission measurements indoors and outdoors.

For more information contact Andreas Galosi

ResearchBuilding acoustics

Engineered wood composites with enhanced impact sound insulation performance to improve human well being

FWF funded joint research project at the IBO with partners from Austria and Slovenia

ResearchBuilding constructions – selection and optimisation

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