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Campus Rappachgasse
Educational institution, new building

During the construction of the educational facility in Rappachgasse, special emphasis was placed on an architecturally high-quality, ecological construction method with a lot of wood in the interior. The IBO accompanied this building project with a building product management including indoor air measurements. The IBO also carried out the building physics planning.

Building physics calculationsBuilding product management

In Rappachgasse, near the former Danube meadows (a branch of the Danube used to run along Rappachgasse), an educational campus was built. It offers space for classrooms, offices, sports facilities, therapy rooms and canteens. The new premises have a total area of 12,150 m² and thus enough space for the young people from Simmering.

Great importance was attached to the use of wood products. Ecologically valuable, the interior of the educational facility impresses here with furniture made of simple solid spruce wood panels, because this material contains only little glue, is robust and easy to work with. This pleasant wood panelling can be found on all floors. Open spaces along the corridors offer enough room for recreational breaks and movement in between.

For the perimeter insulation (Austrian Eco-label), in the dry construction (IBO & natureplus certificate), for the interior wall paint (Austrian Eco-label), as well as the acoustic panels (IBO & natureplus certificate), products were used whose environmental and health compatibility in the life cycle was proven with the corresponding eco-labels.

To control the building product management, room air measurements were carried out after completion, whereby all limit values were complied with:
In all examined rooms, the indoor air concentration of formaldehyde was in a very low range, compared to usually occurring indoor concentrations. The total concentration of volatile organic compounds detected was classified as "low" according to the Austrian scheme for assessing total VOC concentrations.

Thus, the IBO was able to accompany another educational institution that has all the prerequisites for healthy indoor air and low-pollutant construction methods according to the strict ÖkoKaufWien criteria.


July 2023


© Simon Zotter
© Simon Zotter
© Simon Zotter