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Measurements reveal some things that we can't see. Reliable information about indoor air quality, noise pollution, air tightness, mould and radiation determine the procedure for healthy and comfortable rooms. Our specialists are happy to advise you on which measurement is the most appropriate and sensible for your issue.

ResearchLifecycle assessments and lifecycle costs
Measurements & MonitoringInteriorCircular economy

RE-FORM earth
Clay construction for the building revolution

Considering the ecological and social impacts as well as the immense amount of materials used in the building sector, it is evident that there is a…

Building product managementMeasurements & Monitoring

Campus Landgutgasse
Educational building, new building

Another educational campus in Vienna that was accompanied by the IBO - The strict ÖkoKaufWien criteria had to be met during the construction of the…

Building product managementMeasurements & Monitoring

Campus Neu Leopoldau, Marischkapromenade 16
Educational institution, new building

The Vienna Campus Model is an educational facility that includes kindergarten, school and recreational education in one location. As for all public…

ResearchMoisture and mould damage
Indoor air qualityMeasurements & MonitoringInterior

Next Generation Sequencing

The NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) project is concerned with the development of new methods of DNA (nucleic acid) analysis. Innovations in multiplex…

ResearchMeasurements & Monitoring

Dust analyses of indoor air

While much attention has been paid to outdoor dust pollution in recent years, it is not on the list of factors influencing health indoors. Depending…

ResearchIndoor air quality
ComfortMeasurements & MonitoringInteriorColor & Lighting

IASca – Indoor Air Scavenger

The main aim of this project is to improve indoor air quality with the means of scavenger-materials that are able to absorb and bind various…

Color & LightingResearch
Indoor air qualityMaterial ecologyInterior

Network material ecology for hospitals

The use of sustainable building materials is a key issue for sustainable development of the building sector. Emission free indoor air, minimized…