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IASca – Indoor Air Scavenger

The main aim of this project is to improve indoor air quality with the means of scavenger-materials that are able to absorb and bind various substances from the environment.

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In this project climatological parameters as well as pollutants or contaminants and the subjective condition of the residents in different house types (wood/solid construction, one-family dwellings/apartment houses, with/without air-conditioning plant) are surveyed and compared. In cases with increased VOC exposure of the indoor air, so-called scavenger-materials with the potential to absorb VOC from the air and thus reduce or eliminate the pollutant concentration are used and their effectiveness is tested in labor- as well as under real conditions.

Aims of the project are the development of rapid tests to screen the absorption capacity of different materials, the characterization of these materials concerning their quantity to absorb and the ability of permanent binding of various organic compounds, mainly emissions from wood products. Another aim is their testing under real conditions considering given conditions (user behavior, temperature fluctuations, amount of wood in the interior, etc.).

Project team

Holzforschung Austria (project lead)

External partners:

IBO Innenraumanalytik

IBO – Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH

Medizinische Universität Wien – Institut für Umwelthygiene

Research period

May 2017 – April 2020

Funding Institutions

Funded in the FFG General Programme Collective Research