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klimaaktiv settlements and quarters

Successful settlement and quarter developments in rural and urban areas are characterized by one thing: They have a lasting positive influence on the surrounding village or district. In order to achieve this, the klimaaktiv standard for settlements and neighborhoods focuses on urban development. Further aspects take into account the quality of the infrastructure (mobility infrastructure, energy and water supply, buildings) as well as the quality of planning (including organizational structures, objectives, participation formats). The klimaaktiv criteria catalog for settlements and neighborhoods summarizes all relevant criteria. The criteria are publicly accessible and available free of charge. The klimaaktiv criteria are divided into six fields of action.

  1.  Field of action Management
  2.  Field of action Communication
  3.  Field of action urban development
  4.  Field of action Building
  5.  Field of action Supply
  6.  Field of action Mobility

You can find more information on the page of klimaaktiv.