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Cleanliness is a core value of societies around the globe. So much so that cleaning seems to be an inherent part of human nature and an expression of how we interact with and domesticate our environment.


This book explores the concept of cleaning in its various aspects. Illustrations from various cleaning methods expand our conception of an activity that is such a big part of our daily lives. From a child sorting its toys and the meticulous work of a clockmaker to an impressive deep-clean of a ship: each process is treated with the same calm fascination while short texts add a semi-poetic dimension. The book's handy size invites readers to take it out into the world as they look at everyday processes with fresh eyes. Flipping through the pages of Cleaning is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

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    Kenya Hara (Ed)
    With contributions by Kenya Hara, Takuya Seki, Mariko Hara
    Lars Müller Publishers 2023, engl., 504 pages, 374 illustrations, Euro 31,32