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Selected reference projects

School ASO4, Linz
Renovation and conversion to passive house standard

The IBO was awarded the State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability 2012 for its building physics planning.

Building physics calculationsklimaaktiv


A 50-year-old school building was extended and completely renovated. Barrier-free and energy-efficient, this special school was awarded the State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability in 2012.

  • Extension, adaptation and general refurbishment of an existing special school in timber construction with 11 classes, afternoon care and multi-functional rooms
  • Integral design process from commissioning (client, user, architect, building physics, building services, electrical engineering, fire protection technology, building authorities, etc.)
  • Complete architecture, space, building & material concept from urban development to open space concept, building services to furnishing
  • Escape route and fire protection concept to improve the function and quality of the building and to reduce construction costs (in favour of spatial qualities)
  • Innovative material concept to achieve an optimal ecological balance
  • Night ventilation concept: prototypical development of a window sash as a recovery sash in the event of fire

Architektur: grundstein (Irene Prieler)


August 2009

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