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Primary School, Kindergarten and Multi-purpose Hall Ziersdorf
Sample renovation klimaaktiv Gold

Architecture: ah3 Architekten, Year of manufacture: 2014, IBO: Thermal building physics, building acoustics, room acoustics, dynamic building simulation, product management, building evaluation

klimaaktivPassive House ConsultingBuilding simulationBuilding product managementRenovation

An ambitious renovation minimises energy consumption for operations and provides fresh air for the children of Ziersdorf: With 20 centimetres of thermal insulation, new windows with triple glazing, a pellet boiler instead of electric heating, a central ventilation system, optimisation of the lighting and a photovoltaic power plant with 20 kWp, the building constructed in 1974 was upgraded.

The exact description of this model renovation can be found on the service page of the Climate and Energy Fund, with whose help the sustainable conversion succeeded.

There are generous subsidies for model renovations like the Ziersdorf primary school.

Optimised building physics with a passive house consultancy, building product management and the submission to klimaaktiv achieved 953 points for the primary school and 969 points for the gymnasium and thus klimaaktiv gold, which means increased funding from the Climate and Energy Fund.

A klimaaktiv Gold sample refurbishment of AH3, which came about with the help of IBO building physics and IBO building assessment.


August 2015