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Become an EU GreenBuilding Endorser

Companies which are active in the energy efficiency and/or renewable energy field can participate in the EU GreenBuilding programme by becoming GreenBuilding Endorsers. As an endorser, the company commits to supporting its customers in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings and integrating renewable energies.
EU GreenBuilding endorsers demonstrate their competence in the field of energy-efficient service buildings which can be helpful in acquiring new customers.

By participating in the programme, the company enters into a voluntary agreement with the contact point. Participation can be requested by the company... The application form and the voluntary agreement text can be found in the guide for endorsers.

Applications can be submitted by companies that have already successfully endorsed (i.e. fulfilled the EU GreenBuilding criteria) a new EU GreenBuilding partner and have already acted as agent for the programme. A funding plan showing how the content of the EU GreenBuilding programme will be supported in the future must be included with the application. This can be done through lectures, press releases, acquisition of new partners, specific events, etc. The Austrian contact point is happy to help you draw up this plan.

Download documents here to get involved.