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BILLA Obdach
Sales building, new building

EU Green Building Partner: BILLA AG

EU GreenBuilding

Austria's greenest BILLA shop opens in Obdach: International showcase project for ecological construction and energy efficiency in food retailing.

With the BILLA shop in Obdach, REWE has proven that it exceeds the requirements of the Green Building Programme. A 40 kWp rooftop photovoltaic system, which is mounted without penetrating the roof, supplies electricity during the day that can be consumed directly on site without being fed into the grid. The room heat in winter is largely provided by the waste heat from the 6-stage refrigeration system. The "Eco Line" compressor is optimised for the climate-friendly refrigerant R744 (CO2). The closed wall-mounted refrigerated shelves have air ducting in double air curtain technology, LED lighting, plastic deep-freeze doors with reduced electric heating, energy-saving EC fans with high efficiency and continuously variable compressors. All refrigeration systems are continuously monitored via an energy monitoring system. If consumption is exceeded by 10%, an automatic message is sent to the responsible energy manager so that deviations and malfunctions can be quickly detected and remedied.

The new BILLA building in Obdach not only sets new standards in the area of energy efficiency, but was also subjected to an optimisation check in terms of climate resilience as part of the GREENPASS ® certification: extensive green roof, earth-bound façade greening, a pergola trellis for climbing plants, large shade trees in the car park and an area with flowering meadow will noticeably reduce the summer temperatures in the outdoor area. In addition, the infiltration-capable TTE eco-soil system will be used in the parking areas, which absorbs rainwater and protects against flooding during heavy rainfall. In addition to footpaths that are integrated into the local road network, bicycle parking facilities near the entrance and charging stations for e-cars and e-bikes, the trend towards climate-friendly forms of mobility is being fully supported.

Project team

Architecture:  lichtblauwagner Architekten
Landscape planning: DI Karl Grimm
HVAC planner:  Ernst Haustechnik GesmbH & Co KG
Building physics:  Dr. Pfeiler GmbH
E-planning:  Ing. Jürgen Knopf, TB für Elektrotechnik
Commercial refrigeration:  Caverion Österreich GmbH


October 2021

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