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House of Learning
Office building / accommodation facility, new building

klimaaktiv Gold with 1,000 points

klimaaktivPassive House Consulting

The new building of the House of Learning of GESA Lower Austria could achieve 1,000 of 1,000 klimaaktiv points. The building has approx. 1,200 m² of usable space and will be completed in 2018. The three-storey office building contains office and consultation rooms, seminar rooms and social rooms. In order to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible, a sustainability concept was developed with a focus on reduced energy consumption, ecological and biological material aspects as well as flexible usability of the building. The outside walls of the wooden stand are lined with straw and the inside is plastered with clay. Inside the building, cross laminated timber (CLT) elements provide the rigid core. In the roof construction between the rafters, straw bales are also used as thermal insulation. A skeleton construction spans the transverse axis, whereby the flexibility of possible rearrangement and conversion is achieved.

The heating energy requirement is covered by a water/water heat pump and a controlled room ventilation with heat recovery with automatic bypass minimises ventilation losses. The recreation rooms with highly fluctuating occupancy (social rooms, training rooms) are equipped with variable volume flow controllers which are controlled via CO2 sensors in the corresponding rooms in order to keep the CO2-hourly average value below 1,000 ppm. For the other rooms, an approximately constant volume flow rate is provided for the operating times, which has been adapted to the average occupancy rate of people. Outside operating hours, the system is operated or switched off at the minimum ventilation level. Highly attenuating cross-talk sound absorbers are used to minimise noise pollution, enabling a sound pressure level of <28 dB(A) at nominal volume flow in the common rooms.

Building owner: GESA Gemeinnützige Sanierungs- und Beschäftigungs GmbH
Architecture:  MAGK aichholzer/klein ZT OG
HVAC: Kollar GmbH, leit-wolf Luftkomfort e. U.

IBO: PHPP, klimaaktiv Deklaration, ecological evaluation with eco-indicator 3, disposal indicator, daylight calculation


November 2018


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