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Justice Building Salzburg, Puch
Office building - New construction

klimaaktiv silver with 817 points

klimaaktivPassive House ConsultingProduktprüfungBuilding product managementCircular economy

In the course of the redevelopment of the judicial district Salzburg / Nonntal, the prison will be relocated from the insufficient old stock and newly built in the industrial area Puch / Urstein. Taking into account the current requirements and knowledge of the modern penal system, a prison with 227 prison places was built here according to the specified space and function program, taking into account the principle of economy, efficiency and expediency.

Architecture: Poos Isensee Architects BDA
Year of construction: March 2015
IBO: klimaaktiv rating silver 817 points, building product management, measurements.

More information about the klimaaktiv declaration on klimaaktiv-gebaut



March 2015


Justizanstalt Salzburg, Puch
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