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Reichsratsstraße 1 and 9
Office building, renovation

Best practice renovation in listed buildings with klimaaktiv Gold building certification

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During the thermal refurbishment of the two office buildings from the Viennese Wilhelminian era (Reichsratsstraße 1 and 9), the process of general refurbishment was accompanied by the klimaaktiv building certification system with target standard Gold. The quality of the renovation was ensured by quality assurance of the applied interior insulation during construction. A high multipliability of the project results, i.e. an efficient transferability to other renovation projects, can thus be achieved. In this way, the ambitious goals of the climate strategy can be met and the renovation rate can be increased, and building renovations can be implemented in accordance with EU taxonomy. In order to achieve sustainable and high-quality renovation and to promote energy efficiency and the circular economy, it is indispensable to support project monitoring in existing buildings. This means going beyond the pure planning of measures to accompany them during implementation and to be able to react to changing framework conditions and, if necessary, clarify or specify open points from the planning in more detail.

Based on the inventory and clarification, planning goals were defined in a catalogue of measures. The refurbishment was to achieve an increase in energy efficiency (thermal refurbishment) in particular. To this end, the building's energy performance indicators were first calculated, then a potential analysis, a feasibility study for interior insulation with hygrothermal simulation, a thermal bridge calculation, amortisation calculation and assessment of thermal comfort, the required verification of interior insulation (moisture protection) and a klimaaktiv potential analysis were carried out. Two years, countless discussions and coordination meetings later, then the confirmed result: two buildings in klimaaktiv Standard Gold, awarded for their commitment to climate protection.

Project team

Building owner: Parlamentsdirektion
Architecture: DI Gunther Palme ZT GmbH
Building certification and Building physics: IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie


July 2022


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