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I07 2nd Administration Building
Office building, new building

The administration building I07 at the campus of the Institute of Science and Technology (IST Austria) was built in passive house quality and achieved klimaaktiv Gold with 989 points.

klimaaktivCertified Passive Houses

The I07 administration building on the campus of the Institute of Science and Technology (IST Austria), which was constructed in passive house quality, fulfils a number of urban and architectural functions due to its privileged location on the site: Attached to the listed VOEST-Alpine-Building on the main façade of the campus, it takes up the scale and typology of the existing building, widens and opens up to the landscape in the east and creates an urban identification point. Functionally, it welcomes the arriving visitors and will be used in the future for the integration of the future connecting bridge to the technology park and the design of a meeting space (stage).

The building primarily houses offices and meeting rooms, which are connected via a central axis designed as a meeting zone for communication and informal exchange. On the ground floor there is an open reception area with an adjoining lounge, which can be separated from the rest of the area by mobile folding sliding walls. The entrance area was architecturally accentuated by an inviting and transparent design, and an open staircase connects the 3 floors. In addition, all levels are accessible barrier-free via a lift.

The internal circulation is supplied with natural daylight through the glazed joints of the building structure and through glass fields next to the office doors. The sliding sunshade elements can be individually controlled by the staff and allow for a varied façade appearance. The perforated façade with low window parapets - combined with sophisticated sun and glare protection - allows for an optimum supply of daylight, outside visibility and excellent screen workstation conditions. Terraces and an open-air staircase in the west provide the link to the attractive outdoor areas. The terraces are designed to allow docking of the planned connecting bridge to the future Technology Park. Archives, storage, showers, building services rooms and the collector connection are located in the basement.

Building services

Space heating for building I07 is provided by the biomass-supplied local heating network located on the IST Austria site. The extremely low demand for service hot water is generated decentrally and directly electrically in order to minimise distribution losses. The cooling supply is provided by an air-conditioning chiller. Basic heating and cooling is provided in the offices via concrete core activation, while underfloor convectors (lounge) and radiators in corridor areas ensure sufficient heating load coverage in exposed areas. In the conference rooms and the lounge, additional wall induction outlets are provided for air cooling when the number of occupants is high. Outside operating hours or when the rooms are not occupied, the air volumes can be regulated to a minimum flow rate in an energy-saving manner. Highly efficient heat and moisture recovery (the main ventilation system of the office building is equipped with rotary heat exchangers) ensure excellent indoor air comfort with the lowest energy consumption. At the same time, the drive energy of the fans was also optimised The systems are designed for the smallest possible pressure loss (whereby particular emphasis was placed on demand-oriented air change rates, short duct systems, reduction of deflections, flow optimisation of the fittings and low air velocities in the system).

The individual systems are controlled via DDC controllers in the MSR control cabinet of the respective technical centre, which are superordinate to a GLT (building management system) system. The BMS for visualising the operating states of the systems is located in building I21. The HVAC systems in building I07 can thus be automatically monitored remotely and operating states and setpoints can be easily adapted.



June 2019


I07 Westfassade
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