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Logistkhalle LT1 Schachinger, Linz
Warehouse building, new building

klimaaktiv Gold with 904 points. State Award for Architecture and Sustainability

DGNB/ÖGNIEU GreenBuildingklimaaktiv

The Schachinger lighthouse project "LT1" in Linz-Hörsching, an ecologically constructed high-bay warehouse, is the largest wooden warehouse in Europe. In addition to the narrow temperature and humidity requirements that the hall must meet, the entire building services concept was designed for maximum energy efficiency. Geothermal energy is used via a groundwater heat pump both for heating and cooling the building. A roof-mounted PV system with 199 kWpeak ensures a high degree of self-coverage with electricity. During planning, particular attention was paid to biological and ecological aspects of construction, the optimisation of overall life cycle costs and the quality of the workplace with a high degree of comfort for employees. Only energy-saving luminaires or LED lamps are used in the office area. LED lighting with daylight or demand control is implemented in the area of the high-bay warehouse. The "LT1" project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the federal state.

Construction year: 2013
IBO: klimaaktiv assessment and accompanying consultancy, EU GreenBuilding, building physics consultancy for DGNB/ÖGNI


March 2013


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