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Schäffergasse 10, 1040 Wien
Residential building, new building

klimaaktiv silver

klimaaktivBuilding product management

In the middle of the 4th district, a community building was rebuilt after a gas explosion, with the goal of achieving klimaaktiv silver. This was achieved with 848 points.

In the new replacement building, the City of Vienna provides 33 rental flats on 8 floors above ground. In 2 basement floors there are 20 car parking spaces.

The low-energy building has a green façade. Rainwater stored in cisterns is used for irrigation. The house is heated with an air heat pump in a highly efficient and ecological way and the hot water is also heated with this system. The photovoltaic system on the roof and the solar storage tank underneath the floor slab support the air-source heat pump in its energy preparation.

The new total usable living space of approx. 2000 m2 is complemented on the ground floor by a non-profit bakery - operated by WienWorks. In the shared inner courtyard, raised beds, a children's playground and seating areas complete the future-oriented, urban living ambience.

Comprehensive product management was carried out for the building project with the aim of complying with the criteria of klimaaktiv's 2017 criteria catalogue for residential buildings and ÖkoKauf Wien. Low-emission products were selected, especially for use in the interior, and compliance with the criteria in planning, tendering and execution was checked by the IBO. The IBO also provided certification support.

Project team

BauherrIn / Bauträger: Stadt Wien - Wiener Wohnen
Architekt / Planung: Stadt Wien - Wiener Wohnen Kundenservice GmbH
Bauphysik: Dr. Pech Ziviltechniker GmbH
Haustechnik, HKL, E-Technik: MAHR + PARTNER Ingenieurbüro GmbH
Bauleitung / ÖBA: STRABAG AG


August 2023


© Barbara Bauer
© Barbara Bauer
© Barbara Bauer