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Sustainability check for building products

High-standard building products – what does their use mean for building certification? In which categories of international systems such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB can product properties can score points?  What are the advantages for investors, builders, architects and planners? We have been testing products and assessing buildings for decades, so we can help you find the right answers. We are happy to arrange a free initial consultation to explore the potential.

We offer proof of compatibility of material-related characteristics (health and environmental criteria sets in particular)

  • Presentation of advantages based on product-specific EPDs
  • Preparation of system-compliant basis for building lifecycle assessments
  • Presentation of environmentally and socially compatible material extraction
  • Investigation of the suitability for dismantling and recycling of materials and construction systems
  • Survey of what proportion of products or systems is recycled
  • Survey/display of useful lives for durable products Display of the disposal properties and recyclability of products
  • Classification of the influence on lifecycle relevant criteria (LCA, LCC) 
  • Purposefully prepared information for auditors, planners, executing companies for material or system decisions (also in very early planning phases)

Compilation of data and verification for building product databases (such as baubook)