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IBO Annual Kitting

"New paths are created by following them" said Friedrich Nietzsche and we are following new paths. The time has come to offer you, dear readers, customers, members and companions, a new format of knowledge transfer.
We have called it "Kitting". The term stands in german language for "storing" and "keeping". A kitting is an old rural storage building in which the harvest of one year was stored over the winter. These buildings were used in today's central and southern Burgenland. Also the meaning as toolbox or as equipment matchs the intention.
Our Kitting is a compendium that broadens horizons by documenting, communicating and preserving a wealth of scientific knowledge from projects and the activities of the experts of the IBO and its network.
Carefully and lovingly prepared by the IBO experts, it is a gleaning, i.e. a kind of sustainable knowledge book for collecting, storing and leafing through. One year of knowledge, not only to read, but also to pass on. Only in German language.