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IBO (Hg), Details for Passive Houses: Renovation,
Published in German and English. BIRKHÄUSER 2017, 312 pages, hardback, 440 illustrations (colour), 213 tables (b/w)
English edition bound: EUR 82,19, eBook: EUR 80,62, Print & eBook: EUR 123,31

Details for Passive Houses: Renovation
A Catalogue of Ecologically Rated Constructions

 Ecological refurbishment to passive house standard requires know-how and experience. For this reason, this book has been produced as a design tool which systematically covers existing solutions. Following the successful lead of  the IBO´s “Details for Passive Houses – A catalogue of ecologically rated constructions”, examples relating to building physics, construction and ecology are presented with the help of full-color scale drawings of standard cross-sections and constructional details as well as numerous tables. These examples are organized by type and age of building and can easily be used as a basis for deriving individual solutions.

The book is a must-have reference manual for designers and building owners who want to refurbish properties to a sustainable standard.


IBO (Hg)
Details for Passive Houses: New Buildings,
A Catalogue of Ecologically Rated Constructions,
Birkhäuser, 4. reviewed edition 2018, 352 pages, Euro 99,95

Details for Passive Houses: New Buildings
A Catalogue of Ecologically Rated Constructions

As a collection of ecological evaluations and building physics parameters, Details for Passive Houses: New Buildings is a classic work for every design library and also provides the basis for the book Details for Passive Houses: Renovation. This new edition of the catalog provides planners, architects and competition organizers with the customarily reliable building details for the passive house standard, expert advice regarding building materials and criteria for verifying ecologically optimized design and tender processes. All evaluations were carried out on the basis of the international passive house standard. Overall, this is a solid reference work which, published in both German and English, will help to overcome language barriers and can be used in supporting international clients.

Birkhäuser 2018, 4. reviewed edition 2018, 356 pages, hardback, Euro 99,95
Published in German and English.

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Conference proceedings

Every spring, parallel to the Bauen & Energie-Messe Wien, the IBO organizes BauZ!, the Vienna Congress for Sustainable Building; a conference proceeding will be published.


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Conference proceedings 2021


In the neighborhood

Kongress mit Kooperation der WKO Außenwirtschaft, Wien am 24.–25. März 2021, 77 Seiten, IBO Verlag 2021, EUR 22,–


Conference proceedings 2020

Building materials that persist – Architecture responding to climate and life cycle

Congress at Messezentrum Vienna, 19–21 February 2020, 122 pages, IBO 2020, EUR 22,–

Conference proceedings 2019

Framework conditions. Scopes within! – Renovation and Redevelopement

Congress at Messezentrum Vienna, 13–15 February 2019, 90 pages, IBO 2019, EUR 12,–

Conference proceedings 2018

Put into operation! – What´s getting up and running?

Congress at Messezentrum Vienna, 24-26 February 2018, 90 pages, IBO 2018, EUR 12,-

Conference proceedings 2017

What may change? – Planning 2017–2050  

Congress at the Vienna Exhibition Centre, 15-17 February 2017, 102 pages, IBO 2017, EUR 12,-

Conference proceedings 2016

New Stuff from Old Buildings – Rehabilitation, Conversion, Recycling  

Congress at the Vienna Exhibition Centre on 27-29 January 2016, 118 pages, IBO 2016, EUR 12,-.

Conference proceedings 2015

About Buildings in Use – Managing Comfort and Energy
Efficiency in Buildings

Congress at the Vienna Exhibition Centre, 12-14 February 2015, 130 pages, IBO 2015, EUR 12,-

Conference proceedings 2014

DENSE! – The Ecology of Urban Densification

Congress at the Vienna Exhibition Centre on 13 + 14 February 2014,126 pages, IBO 2014, EUR 12,-

Conference proceedings 2013

Resource Efficient Buildings – Sustainable use of resources, “plus-energy” buildings, self-sufficient energy model and circulatory capacity

Congress at the Vienna Exhibition Centre, 21-22 February 2013, 111 pages, IBO 2013, EUR 12,-