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Campus Neu Leopoldau, Marischkapromenade 16
Educational institution, new building

The Vienna Campus Model is an educational facility that includes kindergarten, school and recreational education in one location. As for all public buildings in Vienna, the ÖkoKaufWien criteria must be met during construction. In Neu Leopoldau, the IBO assisted with construction product management and sound measurements to ensure compliance with the strict specifications.

Building product managementMeasurements & Monitoring

"Neu Leopoldau" is being built on the former Leopoldau gasworks site. On the 13.5 hectare sub-area, approx. 1,400 flats with local suppliers and social infrastructure, 70,000 square metres of commercial space (source: and the educational institution at Marischkapromenade 16 are being built.

In addition to the listed existing building, an 8-group kindergarten and a 9-class all-day primary schools, including a gymnastics hall and exercise room, were newly built. Kitchen areas and some ancillary rooms (storage, waste room, sanitary areas, etc.) were situated in the existing building.

The interior-relevant products in particular were carefully selected so that the building could be constructed with as few pollutants and emissions as possible. For example, eco-labelled products were used for the interior plaster (natureplus), the screed (IBO), the drywall panels (IBO), the acoustically effective ceiling panels (natureplus) and the electrical hoses (Austrian Eco-label).

To check the building product management, room air measurements were carried out after completion, which delivered excellent results:
In all three rooms examined, the indoor air concentration of formaldehyde was in a very low range, compared to usually occurring indoor concentrations. The total concentration of volatile organic compounds detected was classified as "low" according to the Austrian scheme for assessing total VOC concentrations.
The measured concentrations of mesophilic and thermophilic fungi in the indoor air of the three examined rooms were below the analytical limit of determination and thus in a very low range.

In addition to the product management including indoor air measurements, air tightness measurements as well as sound measurements and thermographic examinations were also carried out by the IBO.

Research period

May 2023 –


© Simon Zotter
© Simon Zotter
© Simon Zotter