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Campus Landgutgasse
Educational building, new building

Another educational campus in Vienna that was accompanied by the IBO - The strict ÖkoKaufWien criteria had to be met during the construction of the educational facility in Landgutgasse. The IBO accompanied this building project with construction product management. Indoor air measurements as well as sound and air tightness measurements were also carried out.

Building product managementMeasurements & Monitoring

The "Bildungscampus plus" was built in Landgutgasse, in Vienna's 10th district. Now there is space for 1,375 children and young people up to the age of 16.

The campus comprises the following premises:

  • A kindergarten with 12 groups

  • An all-day school for primary and secondary school with 29 classes

  • 4 vocational preparation classes

  • A music school

The educational areas are complemented by creative, therapeutic and sports areas.

In addition, the children have access to outdoor facilities on the ground-level open spaces and the roof gardens. The children can learn, play and move in the open-air classrooms, quiet learning areas and the play area with a motor skills path and various playground equipment.

For the perimeter insulation (Austrian Eco-label), the screed (IBO certificate), the rubber flooring (Austrian Eco-label), the painter's spatula (IBO certificate), the interior wall paint (Austrian Eco-label) as well as the acoustic panels (IBO & natureplus certificate), products were used whose environmental and health compatibility in the life cycle was proven with corresponding eco-labels. This made an important contribution to a more sustainable economy.

To control the building product management, indoor air measurements were carried out after completion, and all limit values were complied with.

In this way, the IBO has accompanied the construction of another educational facility that has all the prerequisites for healthy indoor air and low-pollutant construction methods in accordance with the strict ÖkoKaufWien criteria.

Project team

Building owner: Stadt Wien MA 19 - Architektur und Stadtgestaltung und MA 10 Wiener Kindergärten

Building company: Strabag AG

Research period

August 2023 –


© Simon Zotter
© Simon Zotter
© Simon Zotter