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gugler! build & print triple zero
Beacon of innovation gugler cross media, ecoeffective zero energy cross media enterprise featuring zero-emission, zero energy, zero waste

The aim of the flagship project is a new dimension of sustainability: Zero energy standard for the building and cradle to cradle for operational process and building, which means zero emissions, zero energy, zero waste. The building is defined as an interim state in a material and energy flow, which has to meet the criteria of a spatial and temporal global sustainability.

ResearchklimaaktivBuilding physics

The long term goal of construction must be to integrate the entire lifecycle of a building into a global concept of sustainability, from production of building materials and components and the provision of energy, to their use during 20 to 50 years and disposal / recycling.That means that only substances can be delivered into this cycle, which during their lifecycle on earth can be replaced and / or biological degradated (rrm-renewable raw materials) or can be completely recycled (recycros). This renewability and ecoeffectivity is also most important for the total amount of energy used.
That this is already possible today, shall be proved by the beacon of innovation project Gugler GmbH. Gugler GmbH, a modern sustainable media services enterprise (traditional print and new media) will extend their current building from about 2100 square meters and about 90 employees to about 5,000 square meters.

Subproject 2: building with recycros

Building with recycros is working out basics in order to close the cycle of materials in the building sector as well as to increase the usage of recycled materials (recycros). The existing material cycles in the building sector are going to be analysed. Furthermore, there will be a catalogue presented, covering the actual situation of which materials are used in today´s engineering and how the waste is treated. The project will be completed with a summary of results and a proposal of concrete materials and constructional systems for the building project gugler.

Subproject 3: recyclable constructing

This subproject aimed at the close examination and compilation of general rules for recyclable engineering - regardless whether recycled or new materials are being used. The findings from this are the basis for the construction of the Gugler demonstration building.

Subproject 4: energy concept Gugler

The energy concept led Gugler in frame of the conversion and expansion of the company towards plus-energy standard. Significant measures ware a consequent maximum reduction of the energy demand, optimal utilisation of industrial waste-heat, maximum consumption of on-site energy sources, integrated energy production, ecologic load manage­ment with comprehensive response- and storage-techniques.

Project team

pos architekten ZT-KG (project lead)

Gugler GmbH

IBO – Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH

alchemia nova

New Energy Consulting

Research period

September 2011 – March 2014

Funding Institutions

Funded in the programme Building of Tomorrow plus


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