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Way2Smart Korneuburg
Start-Up towards a socially compatible, energy-self-sufficient Smart City

Korneuburg has set itself an ambitious deadline: By 2036, the city wants to be energy-autonomous and also CO2-neutral. For the project Way2Smart Korneuburg, the IBO works together with an interdisciplinary team of architecture, social sciences, mobility, IT and renewable energies. Thus, the typical climate-relevant problems of modern cities - traffic, noise, air quality, lack of green space, etc. - should be fully considered and resolved. In the project, the main topics of buildings (renovation to plus energy standard including mobility, affordable and socially acceptable) and communication (with tenants "at eye level", with citizens and property developers) are closely linked. The marked Way2Smart (Korneuburg's Path to Energy Autonomy) will be highlighted in the "Start-up" lighthouse project and recorded and continuously improved via the Energy Autonomy Platform.

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Project goals

From 2036 onwards, the municipality of Korneuburg wants to be energy-self-sufficient and carbon-neutral. In order to follow up on its “Korneuburg 2036” vision statement and master plan with concerted measures, a demonstration project is to show that energy-efficiency and energy-sufficiency measures can be definitely reconciled with socially-compatible, affordable housing and living space as well as with eco-efficient mobility.

Project contents

In the framework of the project, the municipality of Korneuburg intends to

  • Rehabilitate two municipality-owned residential buildings, 
  • Densify the property by way of superstructures and annexes and equip the buildings with energy-generating areas, 
  • Create a mobility hub in the area of the rehabilitated objects and thus create alternatives to the use of private cars.

In this prototype housing scheme, affordable small apartments are to be provided to young tenants in a targeted manner. As accompanying measures,

  • Communications programs are to reconcile measures and needs of existing and new tenants on a level-playing field with experts.
  • Tenants and other citizens will be informed of and mobilized for the objective of the energy-self-sufficiency of Korneuburg
  • Property developers are involved in the process which is monitored by social scientists.

These exemplary measures and further best practice examples shall ultimately be evaluated and documented in a database in such a way as to make models and stimuli for comparable projects available to Korneuburg and other towns and to show the progress with regard to the town’s ambitious objectives in terms of energy and CO2-saving.


The innovation content consists mainly in the combination of high-quality technical solutions, some of which have a multifunctional effect, and the social qualities that are indispensable for a sustainable implementation of the goal of energy autonomy.

In order to become energy-neutral in the area of mobility as well, the project relies on the switch from private cars to the city's multimodal mobility offer.

Results and findings

Two buildings that are to be rehabilitated in an exemplary fashion, housing offer for young people, informed and motivated existing and new tenants, enhanced local traffic, documented progress towards achieving the Korneuburg 2036 Vision Statement and Master Plan, and a guidance prepared with the cooperation of property developers which is to serve as a tangible example for further projects.

Project team

IBO – Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH (Project lead)
ATB - Becker Photovoltaik GmbH
FH Technikum Wien
Institut für Technikfolgenabschätzung
New Energy Consulting
POS sustainable architecture
Stadtentwicklungsfonds Korneuburg
Stadtgemeinde Korneuburg
Traffix Verkehrsplanung GmbH
X-Net Services GmbH

Research period

September 2015 – August 2019

Funding Institutions

Funded by Klima- und Energiefonds in the programme Smart Cities Demo

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