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The DGNB seal of approval ( is distributed, processed and adapted to Austrian standards by the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Management (ÖGNI) in Austria. ÖGNI is linked to the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) through a cooperation agreement.

The DGNB evaluation categories are based on the following areas:

  • Ecological quality
  • Economic quality
  • Sociocultural and functional quality
  • Technical quality
  • Process quality

Location quality is assessed separately and is not directly included in the overall assessment; it includes criteria such as risks at the micro-location, transport links, image and condition of the location and neighbourhood. The awards are Silver, Gold or Platinum. Criteria catalogues exist both for sites and for a wide variety of building categories (including new construction, modernisation or existing buildings):

  • Districts, office and business districts, industrial sites, event areas,...
  • New constructions, modernisation, existing office and administration buildings
  • Educational buildings
  • Research and laboratory buildings
  • Healthcare buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Hotels
  • Retail buildings
  • Industrial buildings

Furthermore, through DGNB it is possible to evaluate interiors (without building certificate) or to evaluate buildings in use.

Reference projects

DGNB/ÖGNIEU GreenBuilding

Logistkhalle LT1 Schachinger, Linz
Warehouse building, new building

klimaaktiv Gold with 904 points. State Award for Architecture and Sustainability