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Campus Puntigam
Education campus, new building

During the construction of the Puntigam education campus, special emphasis was placed on sustainable construction methods. In addition to urban planning and architectural requirements, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and a low degree of sealing were important specifications. The IBO provided support in the form of construction product management.

Building product management

The Puntigam primary and secondary school in the south of Graz was no longer able to cope with the increasing demand for additional classes and common rooms - 20 primary school classes and 4 secondary school classes were added. In 2019, the architects Franz and Sue planned to replace the pavilion-like primary school with a new three-storey building. A common entrance area was created and the courtyards were combined to form a large school garden. A contemporary cooperative educational campus with plenty of space for education, exercise and leisure has been created.

On 5,792 m2, building materials made from renewable raw materials or recycled materials were used to save grey energy and avoid harmful and disruptive substances. Building materials such as clay and wood ensure a good indoor climate and easy disposal in the future. The clay plaster and the oiled parquet flooring are clearly visible, but the underneath could also be seen: Soft wood fibre boards as insulation in the floor structure, with clay-coated wood chips underneath. Hemp fibre insulation on the exterior walls and in the drywall substitute building products made from non-renewable raw materials.

Intensive research and discussions about building products that can be used well but are unfamiliar were necessary. Now, however, the new building is in place, which fulfils the requirements for building materials of the sustainable school construction of the city of Graz as well as the ideas of sustainable procurement at the federal level better than almost any other school in eastern Austria.

Research period

October 2022 – April 2023


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© Barbara Bauer
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