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The IBO's research is primarily oriented towards results and implementation: IBO research should encourage the dissemination of independent information, substantiated comparisons, decision-making aids as well as make tools available. Research activities cover all areas of sustainable construction. The scientific approach makes it easier to identify which measures improve construction. Research at the IBO focuses on quantitative and qualitative assessment that can be applied in practice.

Research projects


Live in the stock today: climate fit together

High resource and energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, recyclability, high-quality interstitial spaces and good long-term thermal comfort…

ResearchLifecycle assessments and lifecycle costs
Building physicsRenovation

Energetische Sanierung von gläsernen Gebäuden von architektonischem Wert

Der Schwerpunkt des Projekts GreenTech-Renovation ist, innovative Lösungen zur energetischen Sanierung von architektonisch wertvollen Bauten mit hohen…

ArchitekturBaustoffe und Bauteile
Lifecycle assessments and lifecycle costsBuilding physicsSmart CityRenovation

Way2Smart Korneuburg
Start Up in eine sozial verträgliche, energieautonome Smart City

Korneuburg hat sich eine ehrgeizige Frist gesetzt: Bis 2036 will die Stadt energieautonom sein und außerdem CO2-neutral. Das IBO arbeitet bei dem…

ResearchBuilding physics
Internal insulationRenovation

Lösungen für die Sanierung mit Innendämmung im mehrgeschoßigen Gebäudebestand auf Ebene der Nutzungseinheit

Die Entwicklung von Muster-Lösungen für die energetische Sanierung von Nutzungseinheiten war das konkrete Ziel dieses Projekts. Einzelne Systeme,…

New Scientific Publications

Dolezal F., Dobra T., Zelger T., Neumann M. Evaluation of the Effect of Biogenic Carbon in Wooden Building Products on Climate Change by Dynamic Modelling Society of Wood Science andTechnology International Convention. Portoroz 2024.

Reichenauer A., Kumer N., Dolezal F.: A novel vibration sensing device for measuring flanking transmission in mass timber buildings. Society of Wood Science andTechnology International Convention. Portoroz 2024.

Primožič L., Dolezal F., Prislan R., Kutnar A.: What type of social media posts about sustainable construction is better for audience engagement? Open Res Europe 2024, 4:24

Dolezal F., Reichenauer A., Wilfling A., Neusser M., Prislan R.: Recording, Processing, and Reproduction of Vibrations Produced by Impact Noise Sources in Buildings. Acoustics 2024, 6, 97–113.

Dolezal F., Fellner M., Neusser M.: Acoustic Performance of Buildings, Components and Materials as a Parameter for Ecological and Social Assessments. Proceedings of 10th Congress of the Alps Adria Acoustics Association. Izola 2023.

More scientific publications